The Key To Your Legal Team's Success

Every legal team could operate more efficiently through process improvements, automation, digital transformation, strategic planning, or organizational realignment.

Unfortunately, few legal teams have the time or bandwidth to make the changes to implement the enhancements needed for operational excellence.

As an experienced Legal Operations leader, I support you with the solutions that are right for your organization.

Contact me today so we can find what's next for your legal team.

Does Your Team Need Legal Operations Consulting Help?

Are you relying on your lawyers, paralegals, assistants, or a small legal operations staff to handle all of your legal operations needs? Best practices and technology are constantly changing. Your team cannot do everything. Your team needs help. Contact me at Key Legal Operations Consulting.

Increasing Financial Pressure

Legal Departments and law firms face increasing financial pressure in the current economic environment to reduce staff, shrink budgets, and control legal expenses. Legal teams need help managing budgets and reducing costs.

Increasing Pressure to be More Efficient

Legal Departments and law firms face increasing pressure to be more efficient, use technology wisely, and do more for their clients. Legal teams need help developing and implementing process improvements and the right technology solutions for their needs.

Help for Your Team is Here

Helping fellow attorneys and business people develop long-lasting strategies and practices is what I do best. I want to help your legal team operate at maximum efficiency. My purpose is to help you find the best solution for your organization.


Your team's success is why I get up in the morning. I am here to help your legal team develop and implement process improvements, automation, and technology solutions to meet your goals. To start strategic planning for improving your legal operations, contact me today at Key Legal Operations Consulting.

Along with legal department and law firm consulting, I am available to help help you manage your eDiscovery, document review, e-billing, and invoice review managed services. Schedule an initial consultation with me today to explore how I can support your team through managed services.

Success Stories

Legal Department Consulting

Assisted client in acquiring and implementing an electronic billing system resulting in a 15% reduction in payments to outside counsel.

Law Firm Consulting Services

Assisted in acquiring and implementing a cloud-based document management system before the pandemic allowing remote operation of the firm.

Legal Operations Managed Services

Managed an internal team and an external vendor for a Fortune 100 client freeing internal personnel to concentrate on higher-level activities.

I worked with Jeff for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is fair and kind. His past experiences working in both law firms and corporations gives him the advantage of first-hand knowledge of both settings.

-D.F., Special Counsel at prominent law firm in Washington, D.C.

Jeff's ability to view, evaluate and manage litigation and other legal matters in a manner that advances the company's underlying and overarching business interests is superb. This, combined with his excellent litigation and investigation skills (and his warm personality and great character), means Jeff is one of the best lawyers I have had the privilege to work for in nearly twenty years of private practice.

- L.M., Litigation and Compliance at a consumer goods company

Legal Operations Consulting Can Include The Following

Organization Management
Legal Data Management
Financial Management
Practice Area Management
Strategic Planning
Firm & Vendor Management
Knowledge Management
Information Governance
Service Delivery Management
Technology Management
Project & Program Management
Onboarding, Training & Development