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I have first-hand experience and success with a forward-looking legal operations practice at a Fortune 350 medical technology company. We won multiple awards for our successes in reducing legal expenses and improving efficiency within the legal department.

The culture of continuous improvement permeated every corner of Boston Scientific during the 10 years I worked there. That continuous improvement culture became a vital part of my career at the company.

One of my former bosses called continuous improvement "the never-ending pursuit of perfection." That concept became so ingrained within me that the mantra "there has to be a better way" became the driving force behind how I lead my teams. As a lawyer, I did not trust outside consultants who invaded the company to offer advice about how we, as lawyers and as a legal department, could operate more efficiently.

Because of that distrust, I operate differently. First, I am a lawyer who has been in your shoes. I understand the pressure to reduce legal spend and do more with less. I created e-discovery and operations teams and managed multiple award-winning continuous improvement projects during and after the Great Recession. I understand budget constraints.

Second, I also understand that you do not have time to devote to yet another project. That is why I am here. I am here to dedicate my time to finding solutions tailored to your specific needs. Third, I will complete your project quickly with minimal business disruption. I hated the disruption that consultants can have on businesses. I witnessed the upheaval myself. I do everything in my power to avoid disrupting your business while finding solutions that fit the needs of your legal team.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Global Winning Spirit Award, Product Acquisition Project, April 2015.
  • Value Improvement Award for Law Firm Budgeting Project, April 2015.
  • Team Leader for 11 Legal Department Value Improvement Awards in December 2014.
  • LMG Life Sciences, Product Liability In-House Team of the Year - 2014.
  • LMG Life Sciences, Product Liability Impact Case of the Year for Late Stent Thrombosis Litigation - 2014.
  • Global Value Improvement Programs Gold and Platinum Awards In Recognition for Outstanding Leadership, Legal Document Review RFP - 2010.
  • Global Value Improvement Programs Gold and Platinum Awards In Recognition for Outstanding Leadership, E-Discovery Flat Fee Project - 2009.

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