Ironing Out the Wrinkles in Clothes and Procedures

June 6, 2023

Ironing clothes is cathartic. Watching the steam escape from the iron while the iron smooths over the wrinkles making those wrinkles disappear is amazingly satisfying.

Not to make everything about legal operations or legal process improvement, but the cathartic effect of watching the wrinkles in the fabric disappear is like seeing the bottlenecks, gaps, single points of failure, and other complications in legal processes disappear.

I have enjoyed ironing for as long as I can remember. As a high school debater, I woke early to iron my suits and shirts to look my best. I continued that trend when I became a lawyer at a big law firm. I would wake early before a deposition or a big #legal #lawfirm #projects meeting to iron out as many wrinkles as possible.

My ironing is never perfect, but removing as many wrinkles as possible is satisfying. The same is true with legal projects. Removing as many hurdles and complications is the goal knowing that perfection is not attainable.

Ironing is some of my best zen time. I can either concentrate on the smoothing process, think about the upcoming day, or think of nothing and just enjoy the process.