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Every law firm wants to make more money. Increasing profit and profitability are vital to long-term law firm success. I help law firms operate more efficiently so they can make more money. I help law firms streamline their processes, develop best practices and implement the best technologies so they can work smarter and more efficiently. Do you have time to evaluate your procedures and implement improvements on your own? Ask any lawyer how they are doing, and most of the time, they will respond with some reference to how busy they are. Frequent responses include:

  • "keeping busy"
  • "busier than ever"
  • "never been busier"
  • "couldn't be busier"

If any of those responses apply to you, then I am here to help you practice more profitably.

I help lawyers who are too busy to work on practice improvement projects find more efficient and effective ways to practice law. Contact me in my office in, and set up your free consultation for legal operations solutions. I have assisted law firms in Liberty, Missouri, and in southwest Missouri, including Springfield. Together, we can create a solution that can move your law firm forward.

Dedicated to Your Success

While at Boston Scientific Corporation as a Chief Litigation Officer, I embraced the Lean Business Process and Six Sigma training I received. As a department leader, I applied those principles to processes and procedures in the legal department.

Eventually, I learned that those same continuous improvement principles could apply to the law firms representing the company. To help many of the law firms representing the company become more efficient, I provided Lean Business Process training to those law firms.

Through Key Legal Operations Consulting, I customized an approach using Agile, Lean Business Process, or Six Sigma principles to help your law firm operate more efficiently to be more profitable.

I have helped clients by:

  • Improving the matter intake process through improved procedures or technology
  • Implementing better billing procedures and technology
  • Improving matter management procedures
  • Implementing practice management solutions
  • Evaluating the efficiency of matter handling workflow
  • Business development training for associates
  • Client communications training for associates
  • Eliminating inefficiency in e-discovery procedures
  • Preparing client-centric Requests for Proposals and competitive client bids
  • Formulating mutually beneficial alternative fee arrangements
  • Law firm leadership training
  • Lean Business Process for legal matters training
  • Associate Training Programs
  • Strategic Planning

Set Up Your Free Consultation on Legal Operations Solutions

The practice of law is changing. Technology and client demands are expanding. Clients face constant pressure to reduce the amount of money they spend on legal matters. Law firms must deliver services more efficiently to thrive in this evolving landscape. I can help firms meet the increased demands of their clients. For a free consultation, contact me today at KCADR.

Law Firm Consulting Solutions

Your law firm's success is important to me. When you are faced with challenges that hinder your team's quality of work, litigation, data management, and other necessities. Reach out to me at Kruse Legal Consulting and Dispute Resolution LLC, for a free consultation on legal operations solutions.

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