Leaders Lead. Teams Achieve.

May 22, 2023

Almost three weeks ago, the legendary Liz Ryan issued a “TEN WORD COACHING EXERCISE CHALLENGE” on LinkedIn. The challenge was:

In ten words or fewer, what’s your greatest professional accomplishment so far?

My most significant contributions have always been related to the people with whom I worked. So, my answer to @Liz Ryan’s challenge was:

Building the best in-house team on the planet.”

After posting my reply, I felt guilty. I took credit for what was a team success. Although I was the team leader for a team that started as just two people (me and the remarkable Brenda McKee), each stage of team growth happened because of team efforts.

I firmly believe that leaders lead and teams achieve.

Through incredible team efforts, patience, persistence, and finally, capitulation by executive leaders, we grew the team to as many as 13 people.

Over time, some people left the team, and some joined it, but remarkably, the team remained the best on the planet. They were (and are) incredible people and earned the moniker “The Best In-House Team on the Planet.”

Over the years, the team included amazing people including: Brenda McKee, Meagan Thwaites, Tara BrewerAshley DavisNancy MoormanLisa MovitzMarci GoldsteinCortney Dawson  Kelli Brillhart, Michelle Hendrickson, Tiana Norenberg, Sean HoraMark Burns Jason MedeirosMike SawyerGer Xiong, George Brown, and Scott Baumann.

I miss working with that outstanding team and thank them for everything they did to help me while I was working with them.