Success Stories

Legal Department Success Stories

☑️ Developed internal e-discovery capabilities for a client allowing the client to eliminate $50,000 monthly external consulting fees.

☑️ Negotiated fixed fees with a vendor for a client resulting in saving $3.3 million over a two-year period.

☑️ Assisted client in acquiring and implementing an electronic billing system resulting in a 15% reduction in payments to outside counsel.

Law Firm Success Stories

☑️ Helped law firm acquire and implement a cloud-based document management system before the pandemic allowing remote operation of the firm during the pandemic.

☑️ Created career development and leadership training programs for law firm clients.

☑️ Improved new client intake process and created new matter templates for a client reducing time spent on the intake process by over 30%.

Legal Operations Managed Services Success Stories

☑️ Supported Fortune 100 Client in the creation of a center of excellence for matter management and budgeting and provided temporary management of the team.

☑️ Supervised invoice review team for a corporate client and developed improved communications plans to minimize delays in invoice reviews.

☑️ Directed the team responsible for automating invoice process for internal clients.

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